Villa Bartolomea


(Mantua, Palazzo Te, Hall of Cupid and Psyche, Banquet scene with sideboard,
frescoes by Giulio Romano (1527-1529) © Municipality of Mantua – Civic Museums)

RISTORANTE AMBASCIATA - Fratelli Tamani - Villa Bartolomea (VR) Via dell'Accoglienza, 4, 37049 Villa Bartolomea VR - LOGO ECCELLENZE ITALIANE 2021 -

The Vicariato of Quistello
settles in Veneto

This jewel of Italian catering is expertly managed by the brothers Francesco and Romano, Tamani.
Renowned Interpreters of Italian Cuisine since 1978.
You do not have to go through the menu as Romano, the great chef, can suggest the dish which can best suit your palate, starting of course with the incredible delicacies from Quistello.
And what about wine? Francesco’s long experience guarantees a perfect match with particular respect to quality, ranging from local, to Italian or international wine.
Having a meal is not just nourishing but fulfilling a work of art.
That’s an enchantment or a dream which will belong to you forever
…… every single choice is a step towards perfection!

The vocation and philosophy underlying the constant and generous work is that the guest, or rather the admirer-friend, must feel not only pampered by a delicious dish or a fragrant wine nectar, but also treated as the Protagonist, surrounded by the charm of relational nourishment and energy, pleasure of food and beverage, intense and cheerful moments together and discovery of a shared and at the same time intimate experience.

Italian Great Classic
at Table

Guinea fowl from Vicariato of Quistello, fresh grapes, grapes from Corinto, oranges, mostarda (pickled candied fruit in a spicy syrup), pomegranate and mint

Via dell' Accoglienza 4

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