Villa Bartolomea


(Mantua, Palazzo Te, Hall of Cupid and Psyche, Banquet scene with sideboard,
frescoes by Giulio Romano (1527-1529) © Municipality of Mantua – Civic Museums)

The Vicariate of Quistello brougth to Veneto

This jewel of Italian catering has been expertly managed by the brothers Francesco and Romano Tamani since 1978.

There will be no need to browse the list of dishes, because Romano, the great chef, will guess the dish that best suits the palates of the customers, obviously giving priority to the incredible flavors of Quistello.

And the wine? The years of experience of Francesco (Carlo) will guarantee a perfect match, with particular regard to quality, be it local, Italian and world wine.

Eating and drinking will no longer be simple gestures, but the fulfillment of

a work of art, a magic or a dream you no longer want

give up …

… every single choice is one more step towards perfection!

Italian Great Classic
at Table

LA FARAONA DEL VICARIATO DI QUISTELLO. Piatto tipico della cucina dei Tamani del Ristorante Ambasciata (Villa Bartolomea)